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Apple’s AirPods could gain hearing health monitoring features, says journalist

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You AirPods will be able to monitor their hearing health in the future. In principle, this is what the journalist Mark Gurman believes and added in his weekly newsletter on Bloomberg. According to him, the audio device will become an item capable of providing some auditory data.

This is not just a guess, as some rumors have already circulated about the possibility of Apple headphones having sensors focused on health monitoring. Something similar has also appeared for the Apple Watch, which may even gain a function to measure blood glucose levels.

Back to the headphones, it is worth remembering that they already have some interesting features such as “Listen Live“, which allows the amplification of the sounds captured by the microphone so that the user can hear more clearly in noisy environments.

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Another function that stands out is the one that helps you focus more on the person in front of you with whom you are talking, the so-called “Conversation Boost“. Still, these attributes were not meant to take the place of hearing aids, so much so that they did not seek approval from health bodies.

In any case, it is not new that Apple is looking for health-focused solutions for its product portfolio. But without official confirmation, all that’s left are more rumors about the headphones and other Apple goodies.

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