AppleCare Plus now offers unlimited repairs for accidental damage

AppleCare Plus now offers unlimited repairs for accidental damage
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Taking advantage of the announcement of the new iPhone 14, in addition to other devices, Apple has updated the terms of its AppleCare+ support service, introducing the possibility of “unlimited repairs” in place of two repairs per year. The change is already being announced on Apple’s American page and on the brand’s official website in other countries.

Unlimited repairs extend from iPhone and Mac, through iPad and Apple Watch in all AppleCare+ plans, which depend on how long the user wants to take out this insurance. In the fine print, you can see that these repairs only cover “physical handling damage due to unexpected and unintended events”.

And there are associated service fees, of course. In the US, fixing broken glass on an iPhone, for example, will cost $29, plus the monthly subscription fee. Accidental Mac damage can cost another $299.

The service does not cover theft. Apple has a separate plan ‌that covers these types of incidents. The ‌AppleCare‌+ plan for the ‌iPhone‌ starts at $79 for two years. In the case of the brand new iPhone 14, plans will start at US$179 (~R$930) for the same two-year period.

The AppleCare+ update echoes other recent Apple support efforts, which include the self-service program that offers parts, tools and manuals for self-repair of some Macs and iPhones. None of the efforts fully resolves the environmental, financial or other burdens of technological reparability. The new changes to AppleCare+, at least, promise to make subscription costs a little more reasonable, considering accidents can happen more than twice a year.

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