Apple workers want more flexibility in the face-to-face return…

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oficinas apple park.jpeg

The global pandemic has made several things very clear. One of them is that humanity is very vulnerable and the other is that technology has managed to keep many companies afloat thanks to teleworking. In fact, even today, many of them seem to have opted for this modality, saving office costs and others. Others who want attendance are facing the problem of the return of employees. Apple is one of these. Your employees demand more flexibility in face-to-face work.

Telecommuting has created a new worker who wants flexibility and quality time

Once the confinement ended and we were able to start talking physically with other people, at least in Spain, one of the most recurrent themes was the sensations that teleworking had produced. Some stated that they worked more than being in the office, others that they worked the same but made more progress and there were also those who said that thanks to this modality they enjoyed more time for themselves. Because they managed their own time. It depended a lot on the company, but in general, With telecommuting you can organize yourself and do things that you cannot in the company.

That is why when it seems that we are already returning to lead a life having flu-ridden a virus, many of the workers who have received the news of returning to work in person, decide to ask for more flexibility. That’s what’s happening at Apple right now.

Right now at Apple they are in person one day a week and by the end of May there should be three. However, some of those employees have joined together and formed what is called “AppleTogether”. A group that advocates remote work and non-attendance.

They have written a letter addressed to the leaders of Apple in which they affirm that remote work has kept the company afloat and therefore they question why face-to-face work should be mandatory.

They claim that if Apple announces with great fanfare how good its products are for working from home, how is it possible that they are not allowed to work from home? But they also affect the time saved by not traveling to the workplace. That for them means quality of life and good mental health which has a positive impact on the work they do.

The best part of the letter is the end, when they paraphrase the great Steve Jobs: “It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do. We hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.”

There are no more words, Your Honor. Now it’s in the hands of Apple…