Apple won’t offer an iPhone SE in 2024 and doesn’t plan an affordable smartphone for another 2 years

apple wont offer an iphone se in 2024 and doesnt.jpeg
apple wont offer an iphone se in 2024 and doesnt.jpeg

If you’ve been looking forward to the release of the new iPhone SE to enjoy a cheap Apple-branded smartphone, you’re going to have to bite the bullet: it’s not coming anytime soon.

The iPhone SE is Apple’s most affordable smartphone proposition. For customers wishing to take advantage of the Cupertino ecosystem without spending a salary on the purchase of an iPhone 14, Special Edition iPhones are a good investment. Therefore, it is not surprising that faced with the constantly rising prices of smartphones, from Apple, but also from other brands, many consumers are waiting for the release of these affordable iPhones.

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Unfortunately for these people, it will probably take two years before we can get our hands on the fourth generation iPhone SE. According to analysts at Barclays Bank, “multiple conversations with supply chain partners suggest that it is unlikely that Apple will release a new iPhone SE in 2024 “.

The next iPhone SE probably won’t be released before 2025

Still according to them, this indefinite postponement probably means thatApple failed to finalize the design of its own 5G modem, “which would benefit Qualcomm, Apple’s current modem supplier for the iPhone”. Apple has been trying to manufacture this component itself for five years already, but its development seems complicated. Customers will therefore have to fall back on the iPhone SE, currently sold on the Apple store. Its most affordable model starts at €559.

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Unlike the iPhone SE, we should soon get to know the iPhone 15, which is the best smartphone on the Cupertino side. It will have the latest generation components including a U1 chip intended to work with the Vision Pro and an A17 chip engraved in 3 nm by TSMC. It should cost even more expensive than the current iPhone 14, but in this there is no surprise. Apple is following the general market trend.

Source : macworld

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