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Apple will reduce the commission to certain developers to 15%

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We have been talking about the problems of Apple, judicial and business for a year 2020 because of the monopoly issue. Everything is based on the percentage amount, 30%, that the Californian company charges developers. However as of next year for some developers, that amount will be reduced in half, for which they will pay a commission of 15%.

15% for those developers who bill up to a million dollars

This year 2020 at Apple, apart from the pandemic, there has been a topic that has had them very entertaining. The dispute with Epic Games over monopoly issues that is being accompanied by a lawsuit that it will take place in mid-2021.

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In addition to this dispute with the creators of Fortnite, it has been many more complaints from other developers, especially on the issue of charging commissions in the App Store. Apple charges 30%. A common amount in this world and also charged by other companies such as Google. However it is Apple (above all) who is in the eye of the hurricane.

Given these events, the Californian company has decided that next year, that commission will be reduced by half to those developers that bill up to a million dollars year. This means that small developers will have a little more relief, although both those who earn 10,000 a year and those who earn 900,000 will pay the same. It could have been done differently, but at least it’s a start.

Many developers have begun to receive email notifications from the company advising that the new conditions will begin next January 1, 2021. It is true that some developers have already begun to see how that commission percentage has been lowered.

Apple has a website with updated information on this topic and from where you can sign up and request that percentage discount if you meet the required requirements.

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