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Apple will produce its own microLED iPhone screens, and this is very good

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One of the things that is very clear Manzana is that it is basic for them to try reduce your dependence on third parties in manufacturing processes. This allows you to lay the foundations to achieve your final goal, which is to be able to adapt the components to the maximum to solve your needs more precisely. And, from what has been known, this is going to happen with the screens of the iphone.

According to different sources, Apple has invested at least a billion dollars in research and development on microLED displays in the last decade. And once the production of these begins with their own technologythe Cupertino company will take a critical step when it comes to being able to customize and adjust the panels of the iPhone.

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An improvement on the iPhone screen

Bringing this proprietary technology to iPhones involves placing at least tens of thousands of tiny microLED chips on different substrates. This will make, among other things, the brightness that the company’s smartphones will be able to use is practically double that of the current one. By manufacturing the tiny elements directly on wafers, -thanks to the association with Osram-, a reduction in energy consumption can also be achieved.

Apple iPhone phone charging

All development is reportedly taking place at Apple’s R&D facility in the Longtan district of the Taiwanese city of Taoyuan. In addition, the firm has teams working on the displays in the US, Taiwan and Japan, and is said to have designed not only the driver ICs for the microLED displays, but also some of the production equipment itself to better control the process. mass transfer. This will allow it to eventually adopt the display technology into products that traditionally use OLED panels supplied by Samsung and other vendors.

Apple will go step by step

Despite Apple’s advances, the production of microLED displays remains a challenge to reduce manufacturing costs. By the way, to start with the actual tests, the company led by Tim Cook is expected to implement the technology we talked about first in the Apple Watch Ultra before mass producing for iPhone. “Apple’s ultimate plan is to introduce the technologies into its iPhone, which is its main source of revenue and has much higher volume, to justify the investments made over the years,” one of the sources said.

Using an iPhone screen

However, it is not expected that the smartwatch that we have indicated use microLED until 2025. Therefore, the first iPhone to adopt the technology is quite far from being a reality in the market. Consequently, the four models of the iPhone 15 that will arrive this year are expected to have OLED screens.

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