Apple will not offer free AirPods in the promotion of back to school

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As we all know, Apple is an American company and as such, we have to look at that market to know what will happen in the rest of the world. It is in that area of ​​the world where the promotions are applied first and where the products will always be launched first. So what happens there will happen here. On this occasion, Apple has decided that it will not give away AirPods in the annual back-to-school promotion. Hopefully it will do the same here. There are other gifts but they may not be as attractive.

Back to school: No AirPods. We welcome gift cards

Every year, Apple releases the promotions back to school, so students and teachers can get equipped with the latest and greatest at discounted prices. In addition to those discounts, it was usually used accompany with a gift that in recent times has had to do with music. We have seen how Beats headphones have been given away and in recent times AirPods.

Now, however, Apple has withdrawn the headphones and earphones from the promotion. has changed to gift cards. You can get cards with a value of up to 150 dollars. We can redeem them at the Apple Store. We will even find discounts of 20% in Apple Care +. As we say this is what we find in the US and Canada until September 26. In Spain it has not yet started, it is usually next month, July, when the bases of the promotion are launched.

If we buy a Mac we will receive a card up to 150 dollars. We say even because the value of the card will depend on what we spend on the Mac that we buy. On the other hand, if we buy an iPad or an iPad Pro, we will have the opportunity to receive a gift card of up to 100 dollars, in the same conditions as those received with Macs.

It is unknown why Apple has withdrawn AirPods from the back-to-school promotion. It was a very attractive gift for all those who wanted to equip themselves with new gadgets. We may be on the verge of launching new AirPods Pro models and the company does not want to flood the market with free headphones that could affect future sales. We’ll know soon because September is just around the corner.