Apple will make iPhones much more resistant, props have to worry

apple will make iphones much more resistant props have to.jpg
apple will make iphones much more resistant props have to.jpg

Apple has been granted a patent for an invention that will increase the strength of the chassis of the brand’s future devices. Indeed, iPhones, in particular, are known to be particularly fragile.

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This is news that risk of dissatisfying hull manufacturers and other protective accessories. Apple has obtained the right to exploit a invention that will significantly increase the robustness of iPhones, Apple Watch and other gadgets offered by the company. THE US patent 11,678,445 granted to the Cupertino company will allow it to use “spatial composites” (Spatial Composites) in its next devices. According to the text of the inventors, it is therefore a question ofincorporate “abrasion-resistant elements into the case material to form abrasion resistant surfaces.

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Indeed, each material has unique properties. “Metal enclosures can be strong and relatively scratch resistant, but produce unwanted electromagnetic effects, while plastic has better electromagnetic properties, but is less resistant to scratches or abrasion.” The new chassis would consist of assemble in a mold various layers of different materials. Each of these layers would be composed of “beads” of metal or ceramic spaced at a microscopic interval.

The surfaces of future iPhones will be lined with beads of resistant materials

All smartphone manufacturers are trying to find the formula that would allow them to offer devices that are insensitive to scratches. The iPhone 14, with its aluminum edges, back and Gorilla Glass screen, for example, is not immune to bumps and scratches. This relative fragility has enabled many prop makers to make a fortune.

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If currently use a case is mandatory to enjoy an aesthetically impeccable device for as long as possible, Apple’s invention could, in the near future, save us the purchase of protection. And as in the opinion of experts, the prices of smartphones will increase further, durability is more than ever an essential criterion in the choice of a new device.

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