Apple will let you install its newest developer betas right now — for free

stk071 acastro apple 0001.jpg
stk071 acastro apple 0001.jpg

To see if you can install the developer betas, make your way to the software update section on your device. On my iPhone 12 Mini, I opened Settings, then tapped General > Software Update > Beta Updates > iOS 17 Developer Beta, and from there, I had the option to download and install the beta. Digging through the settings of my Apple Watch, MacBook Air, and Apple TV, I found options to install the latest developer betas on those devices, too.

That said, just because you can install developer betas doesn’t mean you should. These releases are fresh out of the oven, meaning you might encounter issues like broken apps, major bugs, or unusually fast battery loss — I don’t recommend installing these on a daily driver. For most people itching to try the latest and greatest, I’d recommend waiting until the public betas are released, which Apple says will happen in July.

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