Apple will double the storage capacity of its iPhone 13

Apple iPhone 12 Pro.

In any other smartphone on the market, the storage capacity is usually relative because we have an extraordinary ally, such as the microSD cards that we can install to multiply by two, three, four or more the capacity of our mobile. But in the case of Apple and its iPhones, Either we choose well the gigs that we will have available within the phone or our digital life could be distorted too much.

And it is that when acquiring one of these terminals it is important to bet on the models that have the greatest capacity, or if not the one with the most, at least the intermediate one since those from Cupertino tend to play with three settings on their most modern smartphones. Currently, with the iPhone 12, they go from 128 to 512GB through 256. More than enough amounts. Or not?

Apple will double the bet

Now, looking to the future iPhone 13 this year, it seems that Apple is going to decide to go one step further and the 512GB will no longer be the highest configuration available at their terminals, doubling that amount up to a full 1TB. That is, more or less (you know how these things about disk spaces are) about 1,000 gigs, which we can fill with photos, 4K videos and applications and video games with practically no limit.

Storage options on the iPhone 12 Pro.
Storage options on the iPhone 12 Pro.

Of course, it is not confirmed that those models with 1TB of storage are part of the default range, such as the 512GB of the iPhone 11 and 12 of the last two years, or if it will be a very specific edition that will be sold in more limited quantities. If we look at the background, it is more likely that it is a growth of that space available in a generic way, leaving the 256GB as the smallest size and the 512 as the intermediate. This is what Apple has been doing every two or three generations.

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To this data, we must add another that emerged in recent days on the iPhone 13 compatibility with 6E wifi networks (6GHz), which are an evolution of the famous wifi 6 only with a higher transfer speed and performance, as well as lower latency, which will offer an alternative to stop saturating the old frequencies of 2.4 and 5GHz. Although of course, to obtain these numbers, it will be necessary to change the wireless points of our network to make them compatible.

By last, it seems to confirm that the screens of future models will be LTPS technology (low-temperature polycrystalline silicon screens) that boast better performance and will feature 60Hz models for the iPhone 13 and 13 Mini, and 120 for the Pro and Pro Max.