Apple will allow Safari to be completely uninstalled on the iPhone, another historic change for the company

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apple will allow safari to be completely uninstalled on the.webp.webp.webp

The update to iOS 17.4 brought with it many important changes to the iPhoneincluding the possibility of installing applications from sources external to the App Store, specifically, from alternative third-party stores, in addition to the NFC opening on Apple mobile and the possibility of transcribing podcasts in the Apple Podcast application.

Other important new features that arrived with iOS 17.4 are support for other browser engines and the ability to choose a default browser other than Safari. But this has not been all, since Apple will also allow you to completely uninstall its Safari browser from the iPhone, something that until now was not possible.

Goodbye to Safari on the iPhone (if you want that)

All of these changes in the way the iPhone and the iOS operating system as such work are due to Apple being forced to comply with the regulations of the Digital Markets Act in the European Union (DMA). The company has had to open some doors in its ecosystem to allow for new possibilities, although this will only be in Europe.

Until now, Safari has not only been the default web browser on the iPhone, but all alternative browsers to Safari on the iPhone were based on the same architecture, Apple WebKit. But now, after the changes that came in iOS 17.4, Apple will allow developers to use their own engines, so we will see really different browsers in the future.

Additionally, if a user simply does not want to have Safari installed on their iPhone, you will be able to uninstall it completely. Currently you can only remove Safari from the home page, but the browser remains in the app library. In the future, that will change, according to a document Apple support official:

“Apple users can now remove pre-installed apps from their home screen on iOS. Apple also plans to allow users to completely remove Safari from iOS, if they choose. Apple intends to make this option available in late 2024.”

iphone default browser

Apple now allows you to choose a default browser on the iPhone. With the update to iOS 17.4, Apple has implemented a new screen for choose default browser on the mobile, being able to select one from a list that includes the most well-known and popular browsers in the App Store.

Lastly, Apple is also working on a system that will allow export Safari browsing data to other browsers, a function that will arrive sometime between the end of 2024 and the beginning of 2025. Similarly, Apple will also make it easier to transfer data from an iPhone to an Android mobile. Without a doubt, these are some historic changes for the company, at least in European territory.

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