Apple will add the missing item to iPad Pro so you can forget about your laptop

Apple will add the missing item to iPad Pro so you can forget about your laptop

We do not know very well if Apple will continue in its thirteen to want to convince us that the iPad Pro is the ideal replacement for our laptop, but at least he will try.

For some years now, that is the idea that these models are trying to convey Pro. They have more power, display, compatibility and better hardware.

Proof of that intention was the many ads they spent on showing us how easy it is to replace the laptop with one of these tablets, or the inclusion of full compatibility with external keyboards and mice. Now, what does Apple think is missing for us to forget about carrying a laptop completely?

An accessory that will arrive this year

That element in which Apple has placed all its hopes is a trackpad, which will be inserted inside a new keyboard that will arrive on the iPad Pro this year. In information what offers the medium is exact in stating that it will come at the end of 2020 reason why two possibilities are opened: that the new Pro models will not be presented next March, as many sources point out, or that doing so this addon will arrive many months later.

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MacBook Pro with the trackpad. Unsplash

The only explanation for the new iPad Pro and these cases with the trackpad so far apart in time is that the support has to be added to the future iPadOS 14 that will be released in September, as Cupertino’s do with all the updates of their mobile operating systems. In this way, we could have a new accessory that would not only be compatible with the new 2020 models, but also for the 2018 ones.

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Besides this trackpad, that would help a lot to bring the experience of using tablets closer to that of a computer; Apple is preparing another great novelty in these keyboards and, always according to the information, is thinking of finally including the backlighting of the keys, something that we could not enjoy in the 2015 and 2018 versions and that under certain circumstances is essential.

If these two novelties materialize, it remains to be seen how the design of an accessory that fulfils two primary functions remains: protect our tablet from shocks and, at the same time, provide functionality similar to that of a computer, since it serves stand to work with it. It allows us to write quickly to do any job. Unfortunately, Apple still does not understand that the limitations are not in the hardware, but that the iPad OS is not macOS.