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Apple Watch wearer sleep study: 2 out of 3 don’t get enough sleep

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Harvard University researchers examined sleep data from theApple Heart and Movement Study concerning over 2.9 million nights and it turned out that most of the over 42 thousand Apple Watch customers who have decided to participate at the studio he doesn’t get enough sleep. In fact, only 31% sleep at least 7 hours a nightthe minimum wage recommended by science.

In the ideal scenario the body should be guaranteed 8 hours of rest per night, but even 7 would be enough for reduce the risk of onset of cardiovascular pathologies, of a more rapid cognitive decline or early onset of dementia, but also depression, propensity to obesity, higher mean blood pressure and cholesterol outside the guard levels. In short, if sleep is snubbed, the consequences can be serious.

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The results of the study put on paper what experts have known for some time. When it comes to ensuring that the body gets the necessary rest, most of us fall short”says Rebecca Robins, a sleep medicine researcher at Harvard Medical School.


In addition to analyzing the number of hours, the study analyzed various boundary elements. For example, the average times you go to bed and the differences between workdays and weekends. The result is intuitive, but the study makes everything clearer with the percentages: on weekdays the participants went to bed before midnight in 66% of cases, on holidays instead in 57%. For experts it is the phenomenon of social jet lagi.e. the delay to which the biological clock is forced for social reasons.

From a scientific point of view it is not ideal to give in to the flattery of social jet lag but one must be found “political” compromise, between what medicine says and what our social relationships say. For which Robbins suggests avoiding going to bed late on both weekend nights, and of try to wake up at the usual time even on Saturdays or Sundayseven if the night before you finished “longer” than usual: it’s better to keep up the pace and then make up for the lack of sleep with a nap in the afternoon.

Photo by Gregory Pappas on Unsplash.

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