Apple Watch Ultra is dismantled by iFixit in new video and its details are revealed

Apple Watch Ultra is dismantled by iFixit in new video and its details are revealed
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The official iFixit channel published a video in which the team disassembles the new Apple Watch Ultra. Apple’s new smart watch is aimed at a more adventurous audience and therefore has longer battery life and endurance. In fact, the device has already undergone durability tests recently.

In the video published this Monday (26) various aspects of the manufacturer’s smartwatch are shown in detail. For example, you can see how the device’s battery is, which has a capacity of 542mAh, which is 76% larger than the component of the standard Apple Watch Series 8 model: 308mAh.

One of the details that can be noticed with the production is that the screws are visible on the device. In case you didn’t know, this is a first for the range of apple products in this product category. In addition, it was possible to have a sample of how loud the “Apple Siren” is, a resource for emergency situations that emits a sound to draw attention.

During the process used to disassemble the watch, the device’s screen ended up breaking. So, even if the method used to remove the component may not have been the most suitable, it still raises an alert for the care that must be taken with the device. So maybe he’s not as adventurous as you think.

As per the information in the video, 32 screws were removed until disassembly of the product was complete. Likewise, a comparison was made between the number of parts of it and the standard model, which showed a much higher number in the more robust smartwatch. Finally, the product was classified as ‘nearly repairable’ and received praise for the titanium bezel of the device.

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The Apple Watch Ultra is not yet for sale in Europe, but it has already been approved by Anatel. That is, it should start being sold in the country soon. The suggested price of the item is R$ 10,299.