Apple Watch: Turn off Fitness+ workout audio


AppleFitness+ It gives subscribers the opportunity to use two different features like Time to Walk and Time to Run on Apple Watch from AirPods. These features allow you to play audio stories with influencers, all while you’re running or running. In case you prefer to be listening to some other audio or simply want to deactivate the function, here you will see how.

Once you sign in to the Workout app on your Apple Watch, Fitness+ subscribers will have direct access to Audio Workout or Audio Workout episodes. You will be able to find them at the top of the menu as soon as they are released. In each audio, stories from a guest will be heard along with songs that they choose. In specific episodes, you will be able to see the relevant photos for that guest on your Apple Watch once you start the Time to Walk or Time to Run workout.

Perhaps because of how these training audios are designed, you may not want to be listening to them every time you walk. So, in that case, you just have to delete these episodes totally easy and disable the Audio Trainings to be able to listen to other things. Below you will see how to do it.

Delete audio workouts in Fitness+ on your Apple Watch

  • First you will have to be on your Apple Watch, then proceed to open your Training app.
  • Swipe left on the audio workouts section.
  • Click on the red icon with an X that you will see.
  • Give it a click on Remove to finish confirming the action.

Your audio workouts in Time to Run and Time to Walk will be completely removed from your Apple Watch. If you want to restore them, you will only have to add them to the list of workouts when you want just by clicking on Add workout located in the inner section of the list.

Turn off Fitness+ audio workouts through your iPhone

  • First, locate yourself on your iPhone, and then access the Watch app.
  • Then you will have to click on the tab My watch in case it is not selected.
  • Scroll down the screen and tap on Training.
  • Scroll down and “Time to Walk,” then toggle off the toggle next to Add new workouts to the watch.