Apple Watch Series 9: Here Are the Main New Features Compared to Series 7 and 8

On September 12th, Apple captivated the tech world with its latest product unveiling event, showcasing a range of new smartphones and smartwatches. Among the highlights were the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max, as well as the Apple Watch Ultra 2 and the Apple Watch Series 9.

However, as the dust settles on this event, it’s worth examining whether the new Apple watches truly bring enough to the table to distinguish them from their predecessors. Let’s break down the main differences between the Apple Watch Series 7, Series 8, and Series 9 to see if these latest offerings provide significant advancements:

1. A Brighter Screen on the Apple Watch Series 9:

  • Apple made substantial progress with the screen technology when it introduced the Apple Watch Series 7, featuring an edge-to-edge display with 2.5D glass.
  • The Apple Watch Series 8 maintained the same screen specifications as the Series 7.

Apple Watch Series 9:

  • While the Series 9 retains a similar design, it boasts a notable improvement in brightness:
    • 41 mm version: Diagonal of 1.69 inches, definition of 430 x 352 pixels, 326 pixels per inch, and up to 2000 cd/m².
    • 45 mm version: Diagonal of 1.9 inches, definition of 484 x 396 pixels, 326 pixels per inch, and up to 2000 cd/m².
  • This increase in brightness will be particularly beneficial for outdoor use, ensuring clear visibility even in direct sunlight.

2. A Truly New Processor for the Apple Watch Series 9:

  • The Apple Watch Series 6, released in 2020, introduced the Apple S6 chip, which was based on the A13 Bionic processor from the iPhone 11.
  • Subsequent models, including the Series 7 and Series 8, used the same architecture for the Apple S7 and S8 chips, maintaining the A13 Bionic foundation.
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Apple Watch Series 9:

  • A standout feature of the Series 9 is the introduction of the Apple S9 chip, which marks a significant departure from its predecessors.
  • The Apple S9 chip is based on the A15 Bionic chip from the iPhone 13, promising enhanced performance, fluidity, and functionality.
  • Notable improvements include four AI-focused cores and a 60% increase in transistor count compared to the S8 chip.

3. Identical watchOS 10 Software Across All Watches:

  • Initially, all three watches will share the same operating system, watchOS 10.
  • While the Series 9 will launch with watchOS 10, the Series 7 and Series 8 will receive the update on September 18, along with other compatible models like the Series 4, Series 5, SE, and Series 6.

4. Exclusive Features for the Apple Watch Series 9:

  • Despite running the same watchOS 10 initially, the Series 9 will introduce specific features that set it apart from the Series 7 and Series 8:
    • “Double tap” interaction, allowing users to pinch their index finger and thumb to interact with on-screen elements, enhancing usability.
    • Enhanced Find Your iPhone functionality and simplified HomePod connection, thanks to the second-generation ultra-wideband chip.
    • Offline interaction with Siri for health-related inquiries, even without an internet or 4G connection.

5. Sports and Health Data:

  • The Series 7, Series 8, and Series 9 maintain similar capabilities for tracking sports and health data, including heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen measurement, electrocardiograms, and GPS.

Apple Watch Series 9:

  • A standout health feature introduced with the Series 8 and retained in the Series 9 is temperature measurement, specifically tracking temperature fluctuations during sleep.
  • This functionality has implications for estimating menstrual cycle patterns.
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In conclusion, while the Apple Watch Series 9 shares many similarities with its predecessors in terms of design and base functionalities, it distinguishes itself with a notably brighter screen and a powerful new processor. It introduces several exclusive features that leverage the upgraded hardware, enhancing user interaction, device connectivity, and health-related capabilities. These advancements make the Series 9 a compelling option for those seeking the latest and most capable smartwatch from Apple.