Apple Watch Series 8 official, with SE and Ultra: the smartwatch becomes three | Prices

“Apple Watch is always with you”: thus opened the Far Out Tim Cook, the event that we are following live to discover together the iPhone 14 and, in fact, the new Apple Watch. In the plural, yes, because from this year there will not be two but even three: Apple Watch Series 8the new variant Pro Ultra designed, like the iPhones of the same name, for those looking for something moreand the renewed SELF, the “economic” Watch with large numbers. And the Apple product that’s always with us, Apple’s Jeff Williams proudly said, is the best-selling smartwatch in seven years.

The scaffolding at the base of Series 8 remains the same: that is, the design does not vary, the display and the rounded case remain, but the display grows and the highly anticipated sensor to measure body temperature arrives that Apple – has pointed out – has also inserted to more accurately monitor the health of the female public: the novelty is the basis of the new system for monitoring the menstrual cycle, which can now take ovulation into account.

Specifically, Apple explained that Watch Series 8 during the night detects the body temperature on the wrist twice per second, so as to keep track of the variation of the same during rest: cyclical models can detect ovulation spotters. The new Apple Watch introduces a feature that the company has defined as innovative: Crash Detection, or the automatic notification to emergency contacts and rescue in the event that the Watch detects a serious impact in motion, typically an accident of a certain entity in bike, by car, or on board any other means of transport.

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To arrive at Crash Detection, Apple has included two new motion sensors, a revamped gyroscope and a new accelerometer 4 times faster than its predecessor in Watch Series 8, and the company – in its privacy effort – ensures that data and calculations (for example on the type of vehicle on which you normally travel) are processed on the Watch, therefore they are not transmitted to any server. 18 hours of autonomy guaranteed for the new Watches, which become 36 in the specific saving mode low power mode which will come with watchOS 9 from Series 4 onwards.

Four colors, Midnight, Starlight, Silver and Product red, three finishes for steel, Silver, Gold and Graphite. In terms of design, Apple has announced new straps designed with Nike and Hermes. Apple Watch Series 8 will be available starting September 16 for $ 399 in GPS-only version and $ 499 in version with GPS and data connectivity, in short, the same price list as Series 7. Therefore, hopes are growing that even the prices in euros are unchanged compared to last year, despite inflation. Pre-orders starting today, September 7th.


The new Apple Watch SE was left out of the rumors, and it’s a pleasant surprise because it doesn’t seem to force potential customers to make major sacrifices over the “classic” Watch. The second generation Watch SE, Apple immediately told proudly, thanks to the new production process generates 80% of CO2 emissions. But the “real” news is that the new SE has the same sensors – new – of Series 8 for the detection of accidents and above all it borrows the chip, the new Apple Silicon S8.

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Apple Watch SE can be ordered immediately and costs $ 249 for the GPS-only variant, $ 299 for the one with the “autonomous” data connection, then GPS + Cellular. Deliveries and availability effective from 16 September.


L’even more of Apple’s Far Out is not Apple Watch Pro, as suggested for weeks by rumors, Apple Watch Ultra: the Apple, once again, has surprised everyone by presenting the rugged smartwatch, Reinforced, from $ 799 in the GPS + Cellular version (only GPS is not available) and available immediately for pre-order. Apple immediately clarified that the model is aimed at athletes and those who live in contact with nature: “He was inspired by their stories”.

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