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Apple Watch Series 7 ships with a new power cable …

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With the apple Watch series 7 hitting stores and first-time users in a couple of days, there are still small details that we are discovering now. We were able to take a look at the new power cord that comes in the box.

Watch Series 7 with aluminum charger and USB-C connector

As the Italian YouTuber found out iMatteo, the new Apple Watch Series 7 charging cable is made of aluminum instead of plastic. Not only that, but it now comes with a USB-C connector and not USB-A, as mentioned above.

One of the changes with the Apple Watch S7 is the fact that it can charge faster, but to do that, Apple needed to change the charging disk to use a new aluminum outer rim, as iJustine also pointed out.

Fast charging in exchange for a 20W power pack

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Apple claims that the Apple Watch S7 can be charged 33% faster thanks to the new cable and promises an 80% battery in 45 minutes of charge. Of course, users need Apple’s 20W power brick that comes with the iPad Air, iPad Pro, or HomePod mini to take advantage of fast charging. Inside the content of the Apple Watch S7 box you will find:

  • Watch case
  • strap
  • Quick Magnetic Charge to USB-C Cable (1m)

Other than that, the most relevant change to this new watch is its larger screen measuring 41mm and 45mm, compared to the previous 40mm and 44mm versions. This larger screen makes room for some new watch faces, a modified user interface, and a QWERTY keyboard with QuickPath so users can swipe words while wearing the Apple Watch S7.

This new Apple Watch is currently available to pre-order, though it could take until mid-November to get one if you order at the Apple Store Online. Another way to get hold of the new watch is to try to go on Friday when it officially launches in Apple stores and other retailers.

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