Apple Watch, glucose measurement still seems to be a long way off


The glucose sensing for Apple Watch is still far away: second Mark Gurman Of Bloomberg it will take between three and seven years old before it can be integrated into Cupertino wearables.

The technology would be a very important addition to Apple Watch, as it would help people with diabetes to control blood sugar levels in a less (or not at all) invasive way. Currently, people with diabetes have to draw blood from their fingertips to measure glucose levels, a cumbersome process that could be avoided by other avenues.


Apple would be working on two different technologies:

  • continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) sensorThis would be the most accurate method of taking glucose levels, but would require inserting a thin wire under the skin to continuously measure blood sugar levels. This method also requires initial calibration and frequent sensor replacement.
  • non-invasive sensor, more comfortable for the user but probably less accurate. It works by using light to sense glucose levels through the user’s skin. However, non-invasive technology still needs to be refined and tested on a large sample of people with diabetes. In addition, the American company is also working on the miniaturization of the solution: the latest prototype has indeed been reduced compared to previous versions, but it is still too large.

In any case, Gurman believes the glucose sensing technology for Apple Watch it won’t come soon. While Apple has been working on this technology for years, there are still many technical challenges to overcome before it can be reliably integrated into Apple Watch.

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