Apple Watch: Edition goes, Hermès stays – and what about the bracelets?

Apple has really messed up its smartwatch lineup. An overview of which models are coming and which are going – and which bracelets fit.


Yesterday, Wednesday, was a big day for those interested in Apple Watches: the manufacturer Apple renewed its entire lineup of devices and, for the first time in seven years, really worked on the design of what is still the most popular smartwatch on the market. At the same time, once-popular models fell out of availability. Here’s an overview of what’s changing.


First of all, there are two departures. Apple will no longer sell the Apple Watch Edition. The comparatively expensive titanium models – which otherwise brought the same technology as the normal Apple Watch – have been removed from the range, apparently the Apple Watch Ultra is intended to pick up customers here. This also comes in titanium, but has undergone significant changes. The design has been redesigned, the display is the largest Apple Watch display ever at 49 mm, there is better GPS reception, longer battery life and a lot more. In the box of the Ultra is a new charger with a braided cable. A new “Low Power Mode”, which gives the Ultra up to 60 hours of battery life, will come via a software update “later this year”. The Ultra usually packs 36 hours at a time.

The Ultra always costs 1000 euros, the housing color is uniformly set in a silver tone that drifts into gold. The new action button on the left is outlined in orange. The models are distinguished by their bracelets, of which there are three types: “Ocean” for water sports, “Alpine Loop” for mountaineering and “Trail Loop” for running. The Apple Watch Ultra will begin shipping September 23 and can already be pre-ordered be, however, the delivery times have already slipped back. Along with the Apple Watch Edition, Apple is finally taking the completely outdated Series 3 out of the program.

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Despite rumors to the contrary, Apple is keeping the Apple Watch Hermès, which is being created in collaboration with the luxury brand of the same name, in the program. The device is based on the Series 8 and comes with a steel case with Hermès logo and special straps. The prices are noble: you pay at least 1500 euros for a 41 mm model, but you can also pay up to 2030 euros. With the Apple Watch Series 8 you also have to cope with a price increase: the WLAN model starts at 500 instead of 430 euros, the LTE version at 620 instead of 530 euros.

New entry-level model is now the second-generation Apple Watch SE. This starts at 300 euros, if you want mobile communications, you have to pay 370 euros. The latter is a price increase of 20 euros compared to the SE 1 with LTE. In return you get – in part – technology from the Series 8 in the SE 2, so it is more future-proof. It also has a new back and more recycled material. Meanwhile, the Nike version of the Apple Watch has been dropped – there will only be special bracelets in the future. Speaking of straps: Despite its size, the Apple Watch Ultra can still handle older 42, 44 and 45 mm straps, and its straps can also be used on 42, 44 and 45 mm watches of other designs. However, both could look quite strange. The new 49mm straps have been “designed specifically for the Ultra,” according to Apple.

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