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Apple Watch combination of health alerts saves Cleveland man’s life

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We always like to tell these kinds of stories. But above all we like those that have something special. This time, the result is the same as when we tell the stories of other users. A person saves life thanks to the Apple watch. But on this occasion, the man from Cleveland has not been for a specific function, but he has been the sum of them. That makes the Apple Watch become the best ally.

Breathing Rate and Blood Oxygen Measurement Prevent Cleveland Man’s Lungs from Collapsing

The functions that the Apple Watch has to measure certain health patterns are varied. From the ability to perform electrocardiograms, to the new function for measuring the amount of oxygen in the blood.

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We have this last function since we have with us the Apple WatchSeries 6 and it is very useful to determine if we have a basic problem. The measurement is carried out continuously in the background, not affecting the battery capacity too much. Although we may also require a manual measurement.

We already know a little how this function works it became almost indispensable in times of pandemic when infections were at their highest and there was not much information about it.

Well, this function together with the measurement of the respiratory rate, have made a man from Cleveland is now among us. The data thrown by the watch, at first it was an alert for increased respiration, going from 14 to 18. That made him go to the doctor and they detected bronchitis. While he was being treated, the blood oxygen alert went off and he was back at the doctor. they discovered clots in the lungs If they had not been treated, they would have been fatal.

The user, grateful, wanted to tell his story and leave an anecdote about this situation. Many of his friends have already purchased an Apple Watch and those who have not are in the process of doing so. they have realized that it is a good ally in case of medical necessity.

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That’s why I always say that it is probably the best device from Apple.

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