Apple Watch 8 with temperature sensing function? It all depends on the algorithm


The upcoming Apple Watch Series 8 may have a sensor for measuring body temperature. This is stated by the authoritative analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of TF Securities that Apple would finally be managed to develop an algorithm able to meet all the required requirements, which would not have allowed it to integrate this sensor already in the Apple Watch Series 7.

Kuo explained in a series of tweets posted in the past few hours that Apple has been trying to develop for some time a function that allowed the measurement of body temperature. The initial idea was to integrate it into the smartwatch launched last year, along with the iPhone 13, but it would change its mind before the device entered the engineering validation test (EVT) phase as the algorithm still needed to be perfected.

According to the analyst, the problems that Apple would have encountered with regard to this measurement function would presumably concern the change in skin temperature which changes rapidly according to the environment. Since the smartwatch cannot monitor internal body temperature using the available hardware, everything would therefore depend on the algorithm that must forcibly produce accurate results.

But Apple wouldn’t be the only one to have problems like this. Kuo indeed added that even Samsung would be thinking to integrate the ability to measure body temperature into its smartwatches but would not yet have been able to finalize its algorithm in time to integrate it into the next Galaxy Watch 5, expected in the second half of the year.

Kuo has not been the only one so far to hypothesize the arrival of the body temperature monitoring function on the next Apple Watch. In recent weeks, in fact, even the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman had predicted its arrival after the difficulties encountered in the past. For Gurman, who at the beginning of the year considered the arrival of this feature on the 8 Series as unlikely, this sensor could be used initially. only for planning fertility periodsnot yet for measuring body temperature.

In addition to this sensor, in the next Apple Watch Series 8 there would also be improvements in heart monitoring by integrating the detection of atrial fibrillationa new low power mode And satellite connectivity to offer the possibility to send emergency messages in any place and situation.

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