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Apple wants to negotiate discount after TSMC announces chip price hike, says rumor

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Apple could be in trouble with TSMC soon, as new rumors say the Cupertino-based company refused to accept a 6% raise in the prices of chips assembled by the Taiwanese manufacturer.

According to people who have access to TSMC’s plans, the company announced that this price increase would take effect in 2023, but Apple is apparently not willing to pay the new amounts.

That’s why sources told the Economic Daily News that Apple should use its leverage to ask TSMC to give it a different treatment.

As TSMC’s largest individual customer, Apple has a lot of bargaining power and can reap important advantages if it increases its purchase volume.

Image/Reproduction: TSMC.
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For now, TSMC does not comment on the matter, but the company has informed its customers that it is currently the only manufacturer that is managing to hold its prices. Therefore, the adjustment needs to happen in 2023.

Chip prices have started to rise after the global shortage caused by the pandemic, with many TSMC competitors having already applied several increases since 2020.

As usual, Apple also remains silent. Therefore, we emphasize that everything needs to be considered as just another market rumor.

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