Apple Vision Pro, with “Spatial Personas” FaceTime calls will be more realistic


With Vision Pro, Apple’s viewer announced in recent days, FaceTime calls will exploit the environment surrounding the user by including all participants reproduced within full-size tiles. Spatial audio will also make it possible to hear the voice coming from exactly where the speaker is.


The viewer is in fact capable of scan a user’s face and use advanced machine learning to create a photorealistic version which will be used both for video calls and to recreate the look that is shown on the external OLED display. Furthermore, with a future visionOS update, these “avatars” they will become even more realistic.

In the video of “Platforms State of the Union”made for developers, Apple called this feature “Spatial Personas” which will allow users to hear “more present, as if they were gathered in the same physical space”. The Spatial Personas will have a transparent background and will be able to reproduce not only simple movements but also different “body languages”, hands in particular, to offer an even more realistic experience, not a simple videogame-style graphic reproduction as thought on competing products.

Spatial Personas will be available not only in FaceTime calls but also in SharePlay to stream TV shows, movies and music in sync and share experiences with other users.

“You can look your friends in the eye, express yourself naturally with movement and body language, and best of all, enjoy a shared activity together using your app.”


Apple has confirmed that an early version of Spatial Personas will be available later this year, initially only for developers. A date has not been confirmed regarding public availability as well. It will likely be ready when Vision Pro hits the market early next year.

Apple’s viewer, let’s remember, will be sold initially only in the United States to the priced at $3,499. Those who confirm their intention to purchase will be invited to the Apple Store to try on and choose the size of the viewer that best suits their face. At the moment, there is no information regarding the availability of Visor Pro also on other international markets.

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