Apple Vision Pro: second generation with faster and more efficient chipset is already in development

Apple Vision Pro: headset will have Disney Plus content with movies and sports in VR
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On June 5th, Apple finally announced the Vision Pro, its first mixed reality glasses that promise to pave the way for a new era of development for the Cupertino giant.

While the first Apple Vision Pro isn’t expected to hit the market until 2024, there are already rumors about work being done on the second generation of the device. Unsurprisingly, the successor would be powered by a faster and more efficient chipset.

With Apple set to conquer the mixed reality headset market, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman joined the conversation via his Power On newsletter, talking about the future of the Vision Pro. Given the outrageous $3,499 price tag, it’s clear the first-generation model will only reach a small percentage of Apple customers, but the tech giant reportedly has a plan for a cheaper model, but it shouldn’t arrive. to stores before 2025.

Despite this, Gurman claims in his newsletter that, “at the same time”, a successor to the Apple Vision Pro is in the works and will ship with a faster chipset. If you notice the choice of words, it looks like the cheapest AR headset will be sold alongside the most expensive one, and this is similar to the iPhone launch strategy that Apple has currently adopted. For 2022, we’ve seen two regular iPhone 14 models paired with Pro versions, and later this year we should see a similar approach. The company may follow a similar path with its headsets.

Apple is already working on a second-generation Vision Pro with a faster processor, indicating it intends to adopt a two-product strategy for the device, bringing it in line with the standard iPhone and iPhone Pro models. But for now, Apple hopes the Vision Pro’s high price doesn’t turn people away from the category and that there are enough consumers to queue up for a cheaper version in 2026.

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The exact specs of the Apple Vision Pro’s successor weren’t mentioned in the newsletter, nor how aesthetically different this device would be compared to the first generation model. We certainly hope that the price can be brought down a bit as it helps it gain significant traction in key markets as well as being widely adopted by the masses.

Will the first generation Apple Vision Pro be successful?

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