Apple Vision Pro, in VR you cannot leave a safe area


After Vision Pro block when the hardware of Apple’s first viewer detects that you are moving too fast, another limitation emerges, once again motivated by security reasons. Also in this case it is not a hypothesis but a certainty, this time confirmed by the visionOS documentation that Apple has placed in the hands of the developers with the first beta of the operating system.

When you start a fully immersive experience – it is written in a red box with Warning written, attention, in the documentation – visionOS defines a system boundary that extends 1.5 meters from the initial head position of the wearer. If the head goes beyond this area, the system automatically interrupts the immersive experience and shows video footage of the surrounding area. This assistance feature tries to prevent someone from colliding with objects.

In other words, when you start a virtual reality experience which, unlike augmented reality, inevitably leads those who live it to become estranged from what is around them, visionOS detects the position of the head and it circumscribes an area of ​​1.5 x 1.5 metres, therefore 3 square metres. Carrying the head outside the “boundary”, for safety reasons visionOS interrupts the VR experience and shows the Vision Pro wearer the footage of the external cameras to avoid dangerous situations.

In short, Apple seems to have chosen the path of prudence on all fronts for ensure everyone’s safety as much as possible, also and above all of those who have never tried a device of this type and could use it with excessive confidence. It is not yet clear whether a “Pro” mode will be introduced which perhaps can be unlocked after a certain number of hours of use, when it is assumed that the user is familiar enough with the tool to have “deserved” a little more freedom.


However there are those who to the extent read more than a simple security reason. Some speculate that Apple wants to encourage seated use of Vision Pro as much as possible, it would entice people to wear it for a longer time than you end up with a headset that you can move around and get tired of, does anyone else think that Apple wants to get people through limitations to preferat least initially, augmented to virtual realitybecause for the moment the former has more limited applications.

We will never know if Apple has an ulterior motive, but there is no doubt that both blocks discovered so far increase security during the use of a product that most of the public has never used before, and with which one can also bad.

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