Apple Vision Pro: here’s how much it costs to make the mixed reality headset

1686010887 371 apple launches vision pro the mixed reality headset that wants.jpg
1686010887 371 apple launches vision pro the mixed reality headset that wants.jpg

The Apple Vision Pro is one of Apple’s products that we will hear the most about in the next few years, and we now know how much it costs to manufacture for the American company.

Vision Pro Apple

Last Monday, Apple shook up the augmented reality market with a brand new product, the Vision Pro. This atypical helmet promised an extraordinary experience thanks to intuitive controls with your eyes, your hands and your voice.

The use of high-end components and the avant-garde look of the device have obviously made the bill soar, since when it is released at the beginning of next year, Apple will market the headset for no less than $3,500. This is one of its most expensive products to date, so it won’t be suitable for all budgets. Only a few days after its presentation, we now know more about its manufacturing cost.

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Apple’s headset would cost over $1,500 to make

Wellsenn XR’s Chinese researchers have broken down the manufacturing cost of each element of the headset, giving us a rough idea of ​​the Vision Pro’s production price. According to them, the headset would cost Apple $1,509 to manufacture, including labor.

The most expensive component would obviously be the two tiny Sony MicroOLED screens, at $350 each. Labor and assembly are then estimated at around $130 at LuxShare. The Apple M2, the same chip found in the manufacturer’s latest laptops, costs $120. It is also accompanied by a brand new R1 chip, which would cost around 60 dollars.

The structure of the helmet is also a significant expense, since it is estimated at around $120. As a reminder, the helmet is made of aluminum and glass, when its competitors are mostly plastic to maintain a light weight. Finally, the external battery is estimated at only 15 dollars.

With such a cost of production, it is obvious that it will be complicated for Apple to offer an affordable alternative to its headphones over the next few years. Apple would be forced to reduce the cost of certain components, such as doing without MicroOLED screens for simple OLED panels, but the headphones would lose a lot in quality. It remains to be seen how Apple intends to democratize such a device.

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