Apple Vision Pro exceeds your expectations with its amazing 90 Hz refresh rate

vision pro 1.jpg
vision pro 1.jpg

The Apple Vision Pro is quite an innovation since it arrived last Monday, however there is still not enough information about its technical specifications such as the 90 Hz refresh rate that the helmet could be handling. Especially since only the tests for the event have been shown, without it being finalized because there are still six months to go.

Regarding the marketing presentation, the company mentioned that micro-OLED eye displays surpass 4K in resolution with around 23 million pixels. However, he did not indicate whether it includes “ProMotion” or points to something more than that. The update frequency is not mentioned in the panels, only that the latency of the global system manages about 12 milliseconds.

However, learn some details from a developer session at WWDC.

Some technical details about Apple Vision Pro

The session titled “Optimize the power and performance of apps for spatial reality” it was mentioned that the device’s screen refresh rate is “typically 90 frames per second.”

For a little more context, the traditional 60Hz refresh rate is used on iPhone and around 120Hz in ProMotion like the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro. LThe frequency of 90 Hz is only a minimum recommended for this type of virtual reality situations, in this way the user’s perception does not change much from reality or that is how the brain interprets it. This type of spatial computing is specialized in translating the illusion of virtual reality to the brain even if it is not as fast as the iPhone and iPad.

Although the Apple Vision Pro can go up a little over 90 Hz in certain instances. That is to say that if you are watching movies at 24 FPS, the screen will go up to a frequency of 96 Hz, thus it will not have the effect of frame fluctuation, since the 24 FPS are not divided as is in 90 Hz but in 96. In this way the ProMotion screen of the iPhone and iPad do have adaptability to the content.

The 90Hz frequency is lower than some other VR headsets on the market that go as high as 144Hz. However, the number of pixels is unmatched in the Vision Pro. Immersion is a priority for these factors to work properly.