Apple Vision Pro, a second band could make it more comfortable


Apple has taken into consideration the weight factor when designing VisionProotherwise the battery would have been integrated and not external. The intention was evidently to minimize the heaviness of a device that should bear on the head for several hours, but it was successful up to a certain point. The technology integrated in the first generation Apple viewer weighs – just think of the countless screens and cameras – and there are also aluminum and glass to tip the scales.

In short, as much as Apple may have committed itself, a viewer with the better technology and high-level materials could not but have a considerable weight. We don’t know exactly how much it weighs yet, but reading the opinions of those who were able to spend the half hour allowed by Apple in their company during WWDC 2023, most customers will pick up an additional band from the list of accessories for Vision Pro.


Dan Barbera of is one of the lucky ones who in Cupertino were able to get their hands on Vision Pro. The model she wore had a bandeau top which was hardly noticed during the presentation. In addition to the adjustable band to be placed just above the neck, Apple would have provided a second one to pass over the head, which would not have been seen too many times (maybe only once) in the presentation clips, probably because it will be offered among the accessories.

A frame from a clip from Monday, one of the few occasions – perhaps the only one – where the upper band was shown

Well, according to those who have tried Vision Pro few customers, once they have tried it, will renounce the purchase of this second band which reduces, and not just, the feeling of having something on their mind: “[con la fascia superiore, Vision Pro] doesn’t feel heavier than other headsets”, said the colleague from Cupertino. Let’s imagine, however, that he can offer one better stability of the viewer when you go around with the Vision Pro on.

Apple has not mentioned this second band, nor has it clarified the “kit” of Vision Pro when it arrives on the market next year. So there is the possibility (small, since in fact it has never been seen in clips or in press material) that it is part of the standard equipment. More likely though you need to reach for your wallet.

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