Apple viewer, very sophisticated solutions for displays and optics | Rumor


Two highly respected analysts, namely Ming-Chi Kuo of TF Securities and Ross Young of DSCC, have revealed in the past few hours some advances on Apple’s long-awaited virtual reality viewer. Young says the Apple wearable will include even three displays: two micro OLEDs for the two main screens, and a third AMOLED whose purpose is currently unknown.

Typically this technology is not used in the VR world because it struggles to reach the very high pixel densities required in the industry. One hypothesis could be that the AMOLED display could be employed by Apple for cover that peripheral area of ​​our visual field in which we fail to grasp all the finest details. However, it’s interesting to note that Sony recently unveiled a 4,000-inch prototype 4K AMOLED display, and one wonders if it wasn’t developed specifically for Apple. A panel with those characteristics would have a diagonal of about 1.4 “, so it is perfectly compatible with the dimensions of an AR / VR headset.

Kuo, on the other hand, focused more on optics, and said the headset will include two pancake-type three-element lenses, which are already appreciated in the world of photography for their compactness. The analyst explains that the lenses will allow light to travel back and forth between the display and the lens itself, and that ultimately they will prove invaluable in allowing Apple to contain weight and bulk.

If all these solutions seem extremely sophisticated – and above all expensive, you are absolutely right: Ross Young predicts that the price of the headset will be “several thousand dollars”, and it is an estimate in line with those expressed in the past by other respected analysts. It is assumed around 3,000 dollars. Probably, therefore, it will not be a product aimed at the consumer world, but at that of professionals and developers, with the aim of further expanding the Apple AR / VR ecosystem.