Apple trolls Androids: accepting RCS will not change the color of the messages

apple trolls androids accepting rcs will not change the color of the messages
apple trolls androids accepting rcs will not change the color of the messages

Yesterday Apple announced that it would send SMS messages to a better life to adopt RCS technology. A statement that Google had been waiting for for a long time, although nothing is going to change with Apple’s discriminatory messages in blue . The conflict that arose between Google and Apple will continue to be present due to the color of the messages that arrive from an Android mobile in the iMessage app.

Among all the dust that this fight between Apple and Google is raising over discriminatory messages in blue, the CEO of Nothing, Carl Pei, has been able to respond in a very skillful way with the implementation of a chat app that will allow sending messages to iPhone mobiles with the message in blue. A different strategy than the one Google is taking, which publishes videos attacking Apple.

The fact is that shortly after Apple announced its plans to bring RCS support to its mobile phones, the American company confirmed to 9to5Mac that the color blue will continue to be used  to represent iMessages and green for RCS messages.

Messages in blue and green?


Here is precisely the conflict that is generating social divisions in the United States, since, although Apple justifies that it uses this blue color to send the message to its users that it believes it is the safest way to establish communication through a chat, is a way to know who is using an iPhone and who is using an Android ; In the United States, the difference between the use of one or the other is the equivalent of the social class of the person, the person in power, and the person who is not.

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In Spain this conflict is non-existent , since unlike in the United States, SMS is barely used, and chat communications are carried out mostly through WhatsApp, so there is no way for Apple to establish a break to differentiate who uses a mobile phone. Android than the one who uses an iPhone.

The funny thing is that messages via RCS are known to be more secure than the SMS used by Apple in iMessage according to 9to5Mac ; Google imposed end-to-end encryption just this year in its Messages app that uses the RCS protocol. That is to say, Apple’s justification falls under its own weight, so the use of this color is perfectly suitable for delving into the social division and almost forcing users in the United States, or making them believe, that if they do not have a iPhone will not be able to be in certain social circles ( this CNET publication is proof of this ); which are none other than those from the university or the institute. It is enough for Apple to continue being the one that sells the most mobile phones in this country and to continue instilling in young people the idea of ​​the need to have an iPhone.

Worst of all, putting a green or blue color to a message bubble lies in a simple color code . That is to say, the only barrier is the one set by Apple, although on the horizon it has the Digital Markets Law that has arrived to eliminate these barriers in software and prevent social divisions from being generated in the ordinary public from digital . ; The European Union has been able to force this company to use the USB type-C connection seen this year in the new iPhone 15.

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Also, it remains to be seen what Google will do after insisting so much on the adoption of the RCS and that finally the discriminatory messages in blue continue to be a reality. That is to say, he may have an ace up his sleeve that will catch Apple on the wrong foot.