Apple tried to silence a customer whose product exploded

apple tried to silence a customer whose product exploded
apple tried to silence a customer whose product exploded

apple device explosion

No matter how much they invest millions and millions in products, the devices can be defective. And if not… tell this Apple user who saw how his bitten apple signature device began to overheat, smoke and, finally, ended up exploding. For this reason, you should never trust.

Although, not only did we find ourselves with the problem that this particular user had to deal with this situation, which could have been dangerous for his health, but, at the time of informing Apple of what happened and showing what was happened with your device, the response from the brand was that it was better keep silence. Although, the company specifically confirmed to the user that I would investigate everything that had happened to find out what caused it.

An Apple Watch Series 7 on fire

moments before the Apple Watch Series 7 of the firm decided to explode, this person has commented that he was wearing it. In addition, she began to notice that something was wrong, since she began to feel that she gave off more heat than usual. Seconds after noticing exaggerated overheating, she had no choice but to remove the smartwatch from her wrist.

At that very moment, he started to see if the Apple Watch was okay, when he discovered that the back of the device was completely broken. And that was when the watch’s own operating system already began to warn the user that it was necessary to turn it off due to its high temperature. But, of course, he never imagined that it would end up fuming let alone exploding.

As the user has been able to confirm, he was in a house where the temperature It was barely over 20 degrees Celsius.. Therefore, he was not practicing any activity that put the device at risk, nor was he in an area with high temperatures.

Apple Watch Series 7 exploited

Apple’s response

The best of all is that the user himself was documenting in video form everything that was happening with the Apple Watch Series 7 of the apple brand. So that, in this way, they could believe that it had really started to smoke and that, unfortunately, it ended up exploding. The worst of all is that, at the moment of fuming, he had to end up throwing his device out the window. And just seconds later, it ended up exploding in the street.

Before it exploded, this person contacted apple to try to find a solution. But, the truth is that he did not get any, they only informed him not to touch the device until he received more responses from Apple itself.

However, after seeing how the device had exploded and was completely broken by having burned, he called the American firm again. At that time, he received the answer that his case was of “top priority” and that, in a few days, he would have answers. Finally, he went to pick up the device to find out what had happened, the negative side is that it forced the user to sign a document that would require you to agree not to share your story with nobody. However, it has been possible to know everything that happened.

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