Apple threatens to ban the Damus app: away from the App Store if it doesn’t remove the tips in Bitcoin


Apple he gave 14 days time to the developers of Damus For remove the feature from the app that allows instant transfer of fractions of Bitcoin. The Cupertino-based company has always tried to counter in-app cryptocurrency transactions, and it also wants to do the same with the platform based on the decentralized social network Nostr and supported by former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

Damus must remove the function from the messages, otherwise it will be removed from the App Store as communicated to the developers via email:

[…] Upon re-evaluation, we determined that your app does not meet the App Store review guidelines. Specifically, we have seen that your app violates Guidelines 3.1.1 – Business – Payments – In-app purchases * . We saw that your app allows users to send tips associated with the receipt of content from digital content creators by a mechanism other than in-app purchase. While tips or donations may be optional, if they are connected or associated with receiving digital content, they must use in-app purchases as per 3.1.1 guidelines. […] Please update the app within 14 days of receiving this message. If we don’t receive an update that meets the App Store review guidelines within 14 days, your app will be removed from sale.

*:Apps cannot use their own mechanisms to unlock content or features, such as license keys, augmented reality markers, QR codes, cryptocurrencies, and cryptocurrency wallets“.

This the Damus comment posted on Twitter:

Damus will be removed from the App Store in 14 days, Apple says zaps ** they are not allowed on their platform because they “could” be used by content creators to sell digital content. This comes just before we are about to speak at the Oslo Freedom Forum on how decentralized social networks with lightning integration are bringing financial freedom to the masses. Pretty suspicious… This would be a watershed moment: if people can’t make P2P transactions freely on their platform, it has huge implications for the entire lightning and v4v-enabled app ecosystem.

Damus does not sell digital goods nor does it provide functionality for the sale of digital goods. It just has one button tip to facilitate P2P transactions such as Venmo or Cash App.

** : term used to refer to this type of transaction.

They also intervened in the discussion Jack Dorseyaccording to which “Tipping on posts is not selling digital content. It’s a form of feedback“, and Elon Musk: “If Apple competes against the world, Apple will have the world against it. This is not a win-win scenarioAnd”.

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