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Apple thinks of the iPhone Ultra to make it its premium phone

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It seems that with the Pro range, Apple does not have enough when it comes to offering differential options within its own product range. We say this because it is believed that the Cupertino company has the idea of ​​launching a new model what would be called iPhone Ultra and what would be the most differential that has put the firm on the market to date.

It is clear that offering different options in the range of Apple phones is something that the North American company is looking for more than expected. The latest presentation of the iPhone is a clear example of this, where the Pros have such different options that, if we were talking about the Android market, this could almost be a new smartphone. And, apparently, the company led by Tim Cook believes that there is still a space that they can occupy and that is that of models that are especially premium… and, by extension, more expensive.

When could the iPhone Ultra hit the market?

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Well, this is one of the things that attracts attention, since according to the data that has been known, the firm would have already made the decision to launch the terminal some time ago. This means that they would have more than prepared everything for the model to be official in the year 2024. In other words, it would be part of the iPhone 15 range and, therefore, one more step would be taken at this time so that there are no less than six variants of the well-known Apple phone. Possibly, this number would make Tim Cook think a lot about the direction the company is taking.

Design of the iPhone 14 Pro in gray

One of the big differences that the iPhone Ultra would have compared to the rest of the range of Apple phones would be in the main camera. This would be much better and possibly would be the terminal chosen to include a periscope-type lens of which so much is being talked about lately -always in association with Apple-. In this way, it would not be the Pro models that would use it, something that may make a lot of sense if one takes into account the way the company with the bitten apple has acted since it launched several models of the same phone on the market.

In addition, it would also have a bigger screen than any of the other iPhones (reaching 6.8 inches is not something that seems particularly crazy) and, even, it could be the model chosen for the use of titanium as chassis manufacturing material. Therefore, we are talking about a device that would have differential options and the latest technological advances from Apple.

A price that could be crazy…

Everything clearly indicated indicates that the new terminal, in the case of reaching the market, would have a price that would be almost crazy. Obviously, there is no data in this regard, but it is not unreasonable to think that it could be very close to 2,000 euros -and even be a little above-. Therefore, Apple is very clear that it is going for the most premium market with the iPhone Ultra. Now it remains to be seen if it hits, but this company does not usually shoot without a bullet.

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