Apple, the company with the most unresolved claims according to the OCU


Apple claims

When it comes to solving problems, whether a product arrived broken, the service was not as good as what they were selling… the truth is that not all companies are capable of correctly solving user complaints. And, between the 20 companies with the most claimsstands Apple.

These data have been known thanks to the new online tool launched by the Organization of consumers and users (OCU). Specifically, it has been known that Apple is one of the companies with the most unclosed claims until October of this year.

Apple’s problems

The particular tool belongs to the CYCLE project, “OCU initiative in collaboration with other European bodies and organizations”, as we can read on the OCU website itself. In any case, what is truly important is that, thanks to this tool, it is possible to find out which are the companies with the highest number of complaints and how satisfied the customers are with them.

Well, among the most criticized we find Apple. It must be taken into account that the OCU, thanks to this new tool, can quickly find out the companies that do not resolve consumer complaints and which are the sectors with the highest number of complaints.

And, in this particular case, the famous American company has a serious problem, not only with being one of the 20 companies in Spain with the highest number of claims, but also because it is in the first position of companies with more unanswered complaints to customers.

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pending claims

If we look back, we can see how during the month of October, the iPhone 6 became the object of contention in the legal battle that started the OCU against Apple In our country. Well, as a result of that event, all those users who had this smartphone began to file claims against the American company after learning that they had suffered the planned obsolescence at their terminals. Basically, because it was considered that the smartphone firm updated the software to cover the performance failures of its batteries, knowing that this could cause slowdown and loss of performance on these specific phones.

Iphone 6

This caused that, during the month of October, almost claims were registered through the OCU, with only 23 claims being registered in September. So there is a variation of 1174%. And not only this, but, to this day, up to 291 claims remain unanswered of consumers.

Although, if we look at the data, we will see that during the previous month they also left up to 20 claims unanswered. Therefore, despite the high number, this has not influenced Apple to get up to speed and be able to resolve complaints of these consumers.

Although, from the Organization of Consumers and Users they affirm that, in the case of Apple, this is what can happen: «there are others (Business) that they do not respond to these claims because they are new issues that perhaps them require further analysisyes«.