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Apple suspends Pegatron for labor abuse

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Manzana temporarily suspends labor relations with the electronics manufacturer, Pegatron Corporation. This decision is due to the fact that the Taiwanese company wrongly classified students to work unauthorized hours.

The Cupertino company has decided to freeze orders to Pegatron until this situation is resolved. Well, the manufacturer would be violating Apple’s Code of Conduct for Suppliers, by classifying students as workers.

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He also added that the Chinese manufacturer falsified student papers to hide the violation of Apple’s code. Not only did it allow students to work overtime, but the activities carried out did not correspond to their study specialties. In this regard, the Cupertino company has expressed the following:

“We have a rigorous review and approval process for any student worker program, which ensures that their work is related to their specialty and prohibits overtime or night shifts.”

For its part, Pegatron has fired the person responsible for managing the student program. The company has stated that it is making the necessary arrangements for the children to “return to their homes or schools with adequate compensation along with all the necessary support and care.”

This is not the first time that Pegatron has abused its employees

According to a article published by BBCThis is not the first time that the Taiwanese manufacturer has found itself in trouble for abusing its workers. In 2014, the company was found to be withholding the ID cards of its employees so they couldn’t find employment elsewhere.

Even that the housing standards it offered its workers were deficient. In addition to a safety team not suitable for the production line to which they were assigned, therefore, the lives of employees were endangered.

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On this occasion, Apple found no evidence of forced labor carried out by the students. However, until preventive measures are taken, it will not restore relations with the Taiwanese company.

We recently commented that Apple had run out of components for the iPhone 12. So, if it doesn’t reestablish relationships with Pegatron, other manufacturers could have a golden opportunity to build the flagship models of the Cupertino company.


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