Apple surprises: ‘My Photo Stream’ says goodbye in July 2023

Apple surprises again with somewhat disparate news, since the decision to shut down the My Photo Stream or My Photo Streaming service has already been made. There are still a few weeks left until the final closure on July 26, 2023. So in case you are still using the app, you will have the solution to switch to iCloud Photos before the date arrives.

The end of My Photo Stream at Apple

The service offered by the My Photo Stream app was completely free and could store up to the last 30 days of photos, even reaching 1,000 directly to iCloud. This way your photos were fully available on your other devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac and PC. Due to time and Apple’s constant updates for this type of service, it has become somewhat obsolete. Now the company has focused its efforts on iCloud Photos and the community has opted for this option.

In addition, Apple’s main idea is to move users to iCloud Photos instead of using the photo gallery or My Photo Stream. The last opportunity for the community to upload their photos was until yesterday, June 26. In the meantime, the images will continue to be in iCloud as usual, it is assumed that the last 30 days before the closure of the service expire.

Since the photos in My Photo Stream are already in original storage on any of the devices where you are, You should not worry about any loss of important information in your images once the service is closed.

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Do not lose any image or video

Anyway, The company’s recommendation before the closure is to store your photos in the Photo Library before July 26.

This is the clearest and most active recommendation from the company. Due to this closure some users might be undetected, so there is still enough time and methods to protect your data. The way Apple indicates would be to store your photos and videos in iCloud Photos whether you’re on iPhone, iPad, or Mac. So you could share your files on all your devices. Access from iPhones and iPads in iOS versions 8.3 onwards. It’s also on Macs with OS X Yosemite or later.