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Apple strikes down its purchasing vice president for a vulgar comment about women

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Apple’s vice president of purchasing, Tony Blevins, is leaving the company in what is believed to be a sudden dismissal after making a vulgar comment about women in a TikTok video that went viral.

Anda that you do not have to be careful with what is done and what is said in an era in which absolutely everything ends up being registered on social networks. And more in certain positions. Blevins is going to learn it ‘by fire’.

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In a video uploaded to TikTok, the executive gets out of a Mercedes-Benz sports car while answering a journalist who has a channel focused on high-end cars. Asked about his work, Blevins replies: “I race my car, play golf, and fondle big-breasted women. But I take weekends and important holidays off».

Although the comment appears to be a reference to a similar quote from the movie “Arthur” it is unfortunate to say the least and after the video went viral with 1.3 million views on TikTok, it has had consequences: dismissal.

The tech giants (and Apple even less) spend absolutely nothing once these types of cases are made public. And there are no exceptions. It must be said that Tony Blevins had a highly paid and important position, according to his profile, vice president and responsible for negotiating with suppliers around the world the price of the components used for Apple products.

Apple is, at least in mobile phones and tablets, the world’s largest buyer of components. And hence the importance of the position of the ousted executive. More information and video on CNBC.

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