Apple stops signing iOS 15.2: stop downgrading from iOS 15.2.1

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1642697171 997884.jpeg

One week after the release of iOS 15.2.1, Apple stopped signing iOS 15.2, the version of the operating system for the iPhone released last December. As a result, those who have updated their smartphones to the latest stable version will no longer be able to downgrade. At the end of December, the signing of iOS 15.1.1 for the iPhone 13 range and iOS 15.1 for all the other iPhones was discontinued.

iOS 15.2.1 is a minor update which includes an important security fix for a known HomeKit vulnerability discovered last year, bug already partially fixed by Apple with iOS 15.1. Definitely more substantial was iOS 15.2 which introduced a series of new features including support for Apple Music Voice Plan, the App Privacy Report, the “heir contact” to leave one’s digital legacy, the key for macro mode and the ProRes in the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max.

Restoring to previous versions of iOS can often come in handy to those who encounter significant bugs after updating to a new version or to whom jailbreak your devices, the procedure that allows you to install third-party software and packages, not signed and authorized by Apple, alternative to those of the App Store, taking advantage of “exploits” which are then corrected with subsequent versions.

The blocking of the signature is done just to try to ensure greater safety preventing access to these incorrect vulnerabilities. Furthermore, the block is also used by Apple to try to keep users on the most recent versions of its platforms by preventing excessive fragmentation.

Currently, we recall, is in beta testing version 15.3 of iOS which, even in this case, should be more focused on improving performance and fixing bugs in previous versions.