Apple still does not give up: this is what it is preparing for the new HomePod mini

Apple still does not give up: this is what it is preparing for the new HomePod mini

Smart speakers are accessories that allow you to perform actions with your voice and, therefore, have managed to obtain good sales. Manzana It has its own model which, moreover, is now on the market for two years. Despite the fact that its impact has not been as expected, the North American firm is not going to abandon the product range and there are some characteristics that are taken for granted that the new generation will offer.

First of all, there would be a long-awaited return

According to all indications, the company intends to announce the expected renewal of this accessory at some point in the year 2023, it is normal to bet on before the summer. This could be the time for something that is important to many to happen: the resurrection of the largest model that Apple discontinued in its day to bet uniquely on the HomePod mini. It remains to be seen if the high price of the first one is maintained (no less than 299 euros), something that made its sales almost residual. But what does seem certain is that inside it would have the S8 processor that exists in the Apple Watch.

On the other hand, there are many who bet on the inclusion of the largest HomePod of a touch screen without changing the basic design of the loudspeaker. Therefore, this product would come with many new possibilities, but it remains to be seen if it has a gap in the sales of the smart accessories we are talking about.

This will be the update of Apple’s HomePod mini

Almost all of the sources that have announced the news of this new product indicate that the processor that would be inside to manage everything that has to do with Siri would be Apple’s own S5. This would contribute more power and, in addition, it would allow more complex actions with the voice. And this can be essential when it comes to differentiating from what companies like Amazon or Google currently offer.


Furthermore, there could be a fusion of this accessory with Apple TV. It is not at all clear what the resulting product would be like, but what is expected is that both the option to manage music and actions with voice be offered on a single device, as well as being able to become a multimedia player with access to e-platforms. Internet. This would be quite interesting, and could mean the perfect evolution for Apple’s HomePod mini. Of course, it would be necessary to see if there is a new design or a new one is launched, which would mean more a new product range than an evolution.

The prices in this case, contrary to what happened with the iPhone 14 or the new iPadthey would not raise practically anything. The reason is that the competition has very adjusted models in this range of products, and if what you have to pay is increased, it is very possible that users would see them out of the market. But, of course, with Apple you never know.


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