Apple Silicon M1: the celebratory t-shirt arrives, for a select few


Apple Silicon M1 marked the beginning of a new important chapter in the history of the Cupertino house: the one in which the manufacturer began to achieve independence from Intel as regards the supply of processors. The transition phase will still take some time to come to an end – in June this year the first Mac Pros with chips developed by Apple could finally arrive – but in the meantime the company led by Tim Cook wanted to thank the engineers who made this important step forward possible by honoring them with a T-shirt celebratory.

Needless to say: the “M1” logo stands out in the good life on the shirt:

The gift is accompanied by a note that reads: Every now and then something happens that changes everything. Congratulations and thank you for helping make the Apple M1 possible.

The photo was shared on Twitter by Andy Boretto, a senior software engineering manager at Apple. The engineer also experienced the other historic transition made by Apple, that from Power PC chips to Intel chips. The Apple Silicon M1 chip was unveiled in November 2020, but it was 2021 the year it left significant traces in the company’s balance sheets with the first MacBook Air and Pro equipping it. It is reasonable to assume that in addition to this t-shirt, Apple has also granted some engineers the rich end-of-year bonuses mentioned a few days ago.