Apple shares mark new all-time high boosted by Vision Pro announcement

apple park jpg imagen webp 1280 × 720 pixeles escalado 92.jpg
apple park jpg imagen webp 1280 × 720 pixeles escalado 92.jpg

The announcement of the Apple Vision Pro has helped push Apple’s stock price to an all-time high closing price.

Positive investor speculation has helped push Apple’s share price past a previous high set in 2022, when it topped $3 trillion in market capitalization.

Apple refreshed some Macs and announced its usual operating system updates during WWDC a week earlier, but all eyes are on Apple Vision Pro and the future of spatial computing.

Apple shares closed Monday at $183.79 per share, a new record. The price rose 1.5% throughout the trading day.

At $183.79 per share, Apple is valued at $2.89 trillion. The company is expected to cross $3 trillion again in 2023.

Apple has not yet revealed all the details of the new viewer, so we will have to wait for its launch in 2024. Apple Vision Pro will cost $3,499 in the United States, which is the only market where its commercialization has been confirmed.

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