Apple shares hit record with biggest rise since January 2022

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Apple shares hit a new high after rising 1.6% last Monday, June 12. The rise caused big tech bonds to close the day at $183.79, resulting in a market capitalization of $2.89 trillion.

This is the biggest increase in assets since January 2022, disregarding an intraday record during the presentation of Vision Pro, its first augmented and virtual reality (AR / VR) headset, on June 5. According to analysts, Apple is one of the companies that investors are most confident will generate long-term returns.

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“Apple has a roadmap that people are comfortable with, it has unbelievable cash flow, and you can’t do better than this incredible business model,” said Wayne Kaufman, chief market analyst at Phoenix Financial Services. , in an interview with Bloomberg released on Tuesday (13).

Investors seem to believe that the new products presented by the North American giant will have a positive reception in the market. Data for Monday put Apple’s 2023 gain above 41%, compared with a 35% gain on the Nasdaq 100.

Apple unveils new products at WWDC 2023

Apple’s last major conference, WWDC 2023, was marked by the presentation of new computers and operating systems for the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV. A product that stood out is the Vision Pro, the brand’s first mixed reality glasses, which will hit the market at a cost of US$ 3,499 (about R$ 17,000) in 2024.

To popularize its new spatial computing ecosystem, the company has partnered with another entertainment giant, Disney, which will provide exclusive mixed reality experiences for the Vision Pro – which could capture the attention of consumers willing to pay the price of the accessory, which costs three times as much as its competitors.

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