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Apple Self Service Repair: from tomorrow it will also be available for MacBook Air and Pro

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With an official note published in the past few hours, apple announced that the Self Service repair program will also be extended to macbook Air and MacBook Pro based on SoC M1. Starting tomorrow, users who have purchased these devices will be able to take advantage of the well-known “do-it-yourself repair” service, introduced last November only for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. For those who have not yet heard of it, instead, We remind you that Apple Self Service Repair allows you to intervene directly on the device (skills permitting), while having access to original spare parts, tools to complete repairs and repair manuals.

According to what reported, the procedure for MacBooks will be the same as for iPhones, in this precise case we are talking about at least a dozen possible repairs for both models ranging from the display, to the battery and to the trackpad (soon others will come). To initiate the self-service repair process, the user will first need to review the product repair manual and then visit the Apple Self Service Repair Store to order the necessary parts and tools. Among the options offered by Apple there is also that of rental of repair kits which, with a cost of 49 dollarswill allow the user to save money and have the tools available for a week.

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The Self Service Repair program has not been well received by everyone, despite this the milestone of the first year is near and Apple confirms its intention to extend the service to other countries, also expanding the list of Mac models that can be repaired within the end of year.

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