Apple says “leaps and bounds” have been made in the development of the headset, according to a tester


There is just over a month left for WWDC 2023, Apple’s worldwide conference dedicated to developers which could act as the stage on which the Cupertino company’s first mixed reality headset will debut. The expectation is certainly high, above all in the light of the concerns of some industry experts who are wondering if this new device will be well received by the public, both because of its high cost (we are talking about 3,000 dollars), and for its performance compared to competing products such as those from Sony and Meta.


Despite these concerns, at least one person who would have had the opportunity to test it would have remained literally “enthusiastic”. The notorious leaker Evan Blass, who up to now has always provided accurate information, has in fact declared that he knows someone who has been trying out Apple’s viewer for some time, following its entire evolution.

According to Blass, this person would have gone from complaining about “underperformance” of months ago to be “stunned” from the most recent experience of use. Apple would have accelerated development significantly in a short time making significant progress in terms of hardware and software.

An impressive leap in quality compared to last year. I was so skeptical; now I’m flabbergasted, in the ‘take my money’ sense.

Apple has been working for several years on the development of this AR / VR viewer, postponing its debut several times while waiting to be able to solve various problems and improve its performance more and more, both hardware and software. In recent months, Apple would have shown the viewer to some executives during an internal event. The time would now be ripe and everything should be ready for the official announcement at the Worldwide Developers Conference to be held from 5 to 9 June at Apple Park in Cupertino


Last March, the New York Times had reported rumors about some Apple employees who they said they were “skeptics” about the potential success of this viewer questioning the fact that it was not a device that had the task of representing one “solution to a problem”unlike what has always been Apple’s philosophy.

However, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that with everything the company has done to date there have always been “a lot of skeptics”, which is normal when you are in certain positions.

Apple’s AR/VR viewer, as mentioned, should have a price of over $3,000 and be initially more limited in terms of utility. In the future, according to rumors, cheaper versions could also arrive. In recent days, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman said that there would already be several developers working to create apps to make the most of it.

“Reality Pro” or “Reality One” could be the name of the viewer that will be equipped with two 4K OLED displays, more than a dozen cameras to map the area around the user, and sensors capable of detecting facial expressions, gestures and more.

As for the design, it should have a curved visor and an aluminum, glass and carbon fiber shell, all lightweight materials chosen to limit the final weight. For this very reason, the battery should be external.

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