Apple removes app from fake review reviews

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43218 83922 210716 fakespot xl.jpg

Amazon said on Friday that it complained to Apple about an app called Fakespot, which it claims inaccurately identified the fraudulent sellers and the fake reviews. Finally, Apple removes the app from fake reviews.

Apple Removes Fakespot Review Review App Following Amazon Complaints

Fakespot advertises itself as a data analytics company that applies artificial intelligence to the task of detecting fake and reviewer reviews on a variety of sites; including Amazon, TripAdvisor, Walmart and Yelp, according to their website. The goal of the program is to protect consumers from misleading information, the company says.

In addition, Amazon, which is facing a growing problem of fake or incentivized reviews. In a statement, it said that Fakespot “provides customers with misleading information about our vendors and their products. In addition, it damages the businesses of our vendors and creates security risks ”. When you use tools that don’t adhere to Amazon’s own rating system, CNET reports.

However, the e-commerce giant said it conducted a review of Fakespot’s ratings, and found that the third firm’s findings were incorrect 80% of the time, according to the report. Amazon also complained that a recent version of the Fakespot app was using its website without permission. And also, allowing users to log in and view the Amazon storefront with a “safe shopping” overlay, The Verge reports. That unauthorized access, and the fact that Fakespot injects code into its website; it could lead to data theft, Amazon argues.

In a statement to The Verge, Amazon said it believes Fakespot violates guideline 5.2.2; a rule that deals with third-party site and service permissions.

Fakespot defends itself against Amazon’s false accusations

Amazon began the process of removing the app in June, informing Apple of potential App Store violations. Therefore, the tech giant apparently removed Fakespot from the App Store on Friday. Also, Apple has not commented on the matter.