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Apple releases several security patches that you must install, why?

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No operating system is completely secure from attacks and vulnerabilities. Everyone has their problems, and now it’s apple’s turn to correct some security flaws that have been detected in some of the most important devices it has on the market. An example of what we are saying is that it has been reported that the North American firm has worked on and released a fix for a vulnerability that affects the engine used by applications such as Safari or Mail. We are referring to WebKit. Attackers using the hole had the ability to execute limited code, so malware could be downloaded without user knowledge. Luckily, what was detected has been solved and it is no longer a problem if the corresponding patch is installed. A serious problem that Apple has fixed More severe is the flaw located by an anonymous developer (CVE-2022-3289) with which attackers could explain the problem to execute arbitrary code at the kernel level on different Apple devices, such as for example the iPad and iPhone (this also affects macOS). In this way, hackers could use the computers independently and the computer understood that it was the owner user. Therefore, we speak of a very serious hole. It is even indicated that it is possible that this detected hole has been used by attackers, and luckily from Apple they have found the solution and have released the corresponding patch that solves it and returns security to mobile devices as well as computers. Who are affected by these security holes? Well, according to the data that has been published, the computers that have the problems detected are those that use the macOS Monterey 12.5.1 operating system. As far as smartphones and tablets are concerned, the models are as follows: iPhone 6 and later; iPad Pro (all models); iPad Air 2 and later; iPad fifth generation and later; iPad mini 4 and later; and, also, the iPod touch (seventh generation). If you have any of these devices, it is very important that you download the software that they include, where there will be updates officially supplied by Apple and that correct the bugs that we have indicated. The truth is that the holes are quite important and, therefore, it is best to wait a long time to complete the patch installation process and, thus, be completely safe again. >

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