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Apple releases iOS 16.0.2 with camera fix for iPhone 14 Pro

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iOS 16.0.2 not only fixes bugs on the latest iphones. In addition, watchOS 9.0.1 is available for the apple Watch Ultra and new firmware for AirPods Pro 2.


Apple presented an already announced bug fix update for iOS 16 on Friday night. iOS 16.0.2, which is available for all supported iPhones – not just iPhone 14, 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max – fixes various bugs that had been reported in the last few weeks.

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This should fix the main camera on the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max going crazy, which could occur with popular apps like Instagram, Snapchat or TikTok. “The camera [konnte] vibrate and deliver blurry images when certain third-party apps are used,” Apple writes succinctly in the package insert. Users should check whether iOS 16.0.2 brings a permanent solution here. If you continue to have problems, you should contact the Apple Contact service – there has been speculation that the “camera shake” apparently caused by erratic image stabilization (OIS) could cause hardware damage.

Another fixed issue was related to the iPhone setup process. Here the screen could remain completely black. Users had reported a freeze during initial setup. Finally, Apple also tackled a security function in the area of ​​copy & paste that was running amok – this should now report less frequently. Finally, there was a bug with the VoiceOver screen reader, which no longer worked after a reboot, and touch input problems with older iPhones (X, XR, 11), which Apple addressed. Security related fixes doesn’t seem to exist in iOS 16.0.2Apple further stated.

In addition to the iPhone update, Apple also delivered a first update for the Apple Watch Ultra on Friday night, which is on sale for the first time today. watchOS 9.0.1 should be installed immediately during installation and is only available for Apple’s new top-of-the-line watch. Noisy leaflet the update addresses a problem with the sound reproduction of phone calls via the watch, which could be distorted via the loudspeaker.

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Users of the new AirPods Pro 2, who also have their “Launch Day” on Friday, will also receive an update. The firmware called 5A377 is slightly newer than the one that comes with the ANC plugs (5A374). Apple doesn’t say anything about what’s changing. As usual, the import is not easy: either you wait for this to happen automatically after a while – or you try to force the update with a little voodoo.

It can help to first connect the earphones to an Apple device (ideally iPhone with iOS 16), listen to a 30 to 45 second song in Apple Music to transfer the firmware to the plugs, then transfer them then put it in its case and connect it to the power supply. Unfortunately, there is no more direct way to update. The firmware version can be found in the system settings under “General” and “About”.

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