Apple releases iOS 12.5.6 on older Apple devices


While everyone is focused on the imminent arrival of iOS16, the officialization of which will accompany the new iPhones (are you ready for the September 7 event?), Apple does not forget its older iPhones and iPads still in circulation and specifically those which cannot be upgraded to iOS 13 or later.

As has already happened in the past on many occasions, the Cupertino company has decided to release iOS 12.5.6 to the public, which is a corrective version mainly focused on security and whose changelog is very similar to that of iOS 15.6.1, but where it is precisely the target devices that change.

Apple does not unbutton too much on the news that as anticipated have nothing functional, but advises all those who have a suitable device to proceed with the update as it introduces important changes to safeguard the device. The update process is the same as always, so if you have not received the update availability notification, you can manually search for it from the Settings -> General -> Software update menu. Then just follow the instructions and that’s it, you will again have a device updated to the latest version available for you.

As for the most recent version of iOS, 16, as anticipated above, we can say that we are really running out. Only a few days ago beta number 8 was made available, which unlike the previous ones introduced only a series of bug fixes and general improvements. It could be the last and in fact there is an air of golden master, that is the version that is essentially the definitive one and which actually anticipates the first public version that we will see on the new iPhones. In this regard, we remind you that during the next event Apple will present the new generation of iPhone and the unpublished Apple Watch Series 8. As for the new Pads we will have to wait until October, the month in which there will be a new event.

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