Apple Reality Pro could be the salvation of the AR/VR market, according to Kuo

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52685 105333 000 lead ar apps xl.jpg

One of the most talked about devices by the community and its leakers, the Apple AR/VR or Apple Reality Pro could mean a huge opportunity or a huge defeat for the company. After the constant delays that the headphones have had, it seems that their arrival is approaching during the following WWDC in June. In addition to software platforms that will accompany it and other tools.

Through a note for investorsthe well-known Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo indicated that for Apple, this interesting device would be “the last hope” for the market regarding AR / VR.

Apple Reality Pro, the potential flagship product

Referring to his report, Ming-Chi Kuo remarked that Sony and Meta have been in major battles against some obstacles that prevent the widespread reception of their respective augmented and virtual reality headsets. Kuo says that at least for Meta’s Quest Pro, it only has 300,000 units left in its life cycle.

As for Sony, it has reduced the production of the PlayStation VR2 helmet for this 2023. Likewise, Pico, who is a very important brand in augmented and virtual reality headsets, it was also affected by 40% fewer shipments in 2022. This contradicts their initial predictions for the product.

Now, the information is clear on the situation, so Kuo predicts that the AR/VR headset market is not at its best. So the arrival of the Reality Pro could be a breath of fresh air or end this field of devices.

Kuo in his report mentions that Apple AR/VR should not be given enough chips to be titled the company’s next flagship product, much less in “consumer electronics in the foreseeable future.” So, in the words of Ming-Chi, everything indicates that this could be an excellent opportunity for the market and for investors. Well, the commitment to Reality Pro and its launch as the star product continues.

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According to the analyst, the market is not clearly taking into account the impact of this type of AR/VR devices for the following years. Since these will be of the utmost importance, Kuo remarks, for the following years in fields related to optics.

There has been enough rumor about the $3,000 cost for the first Reality Pro on sale. A product considered high-end with different features and top quality components. Likewise as a much more accessible version but that could not arrive until 2025.

But the high-quality components continue to cause doubts even among the employees close to the Apple project. Some complaints have already been issued about the launch of the product. Despite this, even Tim Cook himself has decided to give the green light despite constant refusals.